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Tonight's topic of discussion at church was "What is your purpose in life?" Everyone knew that the 'correct' answer to this was "to glorify God," so naturally that was the only answer anyone really gave. But I just don't see why a question so deep has to have such a simplistic answer. Of course my life should glorify God, but shouldn't a true answer contain more detail than that? And isn't each day comprised of individual purposes in addition to the ultimate purpose?
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I know what you're saying. I totally think that to glorify God is to be our passion, our duty and so on. But purpose in life, I believe, is individual. God created each one of us in a different way, therefore each one of us has a different purpose, different "mission" to accomplish. That's how I see it...
Ah yes. We all have special gifts, different passions & various ways in which we reach out to others, as well as glorify God. I think stating "to glorify God" as the ultimate purpose & asking people to elaborate on this in their own individual way would be more advantageous. There are so many beautiful colors & shades that blend to make His fascinating painting.
I agree -- this is what we were sharing in my discussion group a few weeks ago... We came to the conclusion that each of us are given special talents/gifts... whether it be a gift of a beautiful voice, a gift in art, poetry, writing, dancing, telling jokes... anything -- and God expects us to share these gifts. :) Isn't that wonderful? :) It left me pondering over the gifts/talents I do or may possess, and how I can share them with others...