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this place needs an update...

I have been bad with writing here... Most of the time when I have something really special to say I just write it in my REAL journal (as in on paper :)). And in my lj I just write about events in my life. But here I am again...

Life has been wonderful recently, and I know for some of you as well. ;) I'm enjoying the joyous holiday of Christ's ressurrection and at the same time I'm also enjoying the front side of the Pacific Ocean. A few days ago I was enjoying the desert.

I always knew that I love the ocean. I felt drawn to it as long as I can remember. And recently I realized that the desert fascinates me as much as the ocean. So I began wondering why...

One day when I was having some solitude time on a top of a hill in the desert I finally came to a conclusion what it is. Both in case of the ocean and the desert. You see no boundaries. There is complete freedom, you don't see anyone nor anything. It's all yours to fill up with your imagination and your own thoughts. You are not bombarded with civilization and you can't really hear any noise, apart from the one that is natural for that place. No wonder even Jesus for his devotions went away to the desert. It is THE place to be when you need to think, pray and meditate.

That is why I love it more than anything. Two very different things, yet they have so much in common. Freedom of imagination, freedom of thought.
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