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New Year's Resolutions...

I'm back by my computer... Love to you all, classy ladies, for the 2004! I am thrilled to see that there are more and more of us.

How do I want to change this year, what has been my resolution? (apart from all the little ones that we all have). I decided to treat life and people more seriously. Keep me accountable! ;) I need to figure out what I want to do with myself in terms of school, work, place to live... And my lil boy, Peter... I do not deserve him. Once again I behaved like a b... and he never let go of my hand. He sees a human being in me. Long distance is hard. It will be a shorter distance if I end up in NYC in 2005. Hopefully...

So my options are:
- stay in California and do my Master's there, while I still can work in Hollywood etc.
- graduate from CA with a BA and go to Europe, work for a while and do my Masters maybe later
- similar thing, but instead of working in Europe, work somewhere in Cali
- graduate with a BA and move to NYC for grad school and work
- forget it all and do something completely different...
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What wonderful options! I'm glad you have a guy who will never let go of your hand. I have precious few, yet very true friends like that. (One in particular...he always seems to make me a good way.) Good luck with whatever you choose to do! I will finally be going back to college in the fall. I can't wait to study abroad! I plan to go to graduate school as well. Best wishes to you!